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solo exhibitions

2005 florench lynch gallery, new york
2004 florench lynch gallery, new york
2003 galerie corinne caminade, paris
2002 florench lynch gallery, new york
2001 galerie corinne caminade, paris
  galerie paal, munich, germany
1999 florench lynch gallery, new york
1998 galerie paal, munich, germany
1997 villa arson (petit accrocage,gallery de l'ecole), nice, france
1996 galerie paal, munich, germany
  craig fisher, "the process paintings", e.s. vandam, new york
1994 galerie paal, munich, germany
1993 salvatore ala gallery, "over, under,on", new york
1989 julian pretto / berland hall, new-york
1985 art now gallery, goteborg, sweden
  fabian carlsson gallery, london
1981 barbara flynn, art galaxy, new-york


group exhibitions

2004 “convergence”, ccnoa, bruxelles
    “the highline benefit exhibiton and auction”, phillips du puy, new york, ny (catalog)
    la collection d’art contemporain du musée”, musée picasso, antibes, france
  2002 “art contemporain au musée picasso” musée picasso, antibes, france
  2001 "monochrome, monochrome", curated by lily wei, florence lynch galerie, new york
  "immersion periscopique", l'arsenal, abbaye
  saint-jean-des-vignes, musee de soissons, france
  "art paris", (galerie corinne caminade) il
  carrousel du louvre, paris, france
  "kunstlers der galerie", galerie paal, munich, germany
  "new from new york", robert kidd gallery, birmingham, michigan
  collection d'art contemporaine du musee. musee picasso, antibes france
  "dessins, drawings", galerie corinne caminade, paris
  "postcards from the edge", andrew kreps gallery, new york
  "yard sale", curated by barbara pollack, new-york
1999 "banco", le logoscope de l'association mediarama, monaco
  "the first austrotel contempory art fair" wein, florence lynch gallery
  "art fair basel", switzerland, galerie evelyne canus
  "art frankfurt", galerie paal
1998 "munchen-new york", eine reduzierte gegenuberstellung, einfuhrung anne erfle, kunstbunker tumulka, munchen
  "exibition de la collection" musee picasso, antibes, france art cologne, galerie evelyn canus, germany
  "postcards from the edge", kenny schacter's gallery: rove
1997 "divergent models", kunstverein, wiesbaden, germany
  "on catching the light", bennington college, bennington, vermont
1996 "individuals on paper", deven golden fine art, new york
  "painting all-over, again", curated by saul ostrow. area de cultura, ayuntamiento de zaragoza, palacio de montemuzo, zaragoza, spain
  "my friends in my apartment", curated by barbara pollack, new york
  "un metre carre", galerie manu timoneda, aix-en-provence, france
  "zehn mal zeichnung", galerie hafemann, wiesbaden, germany
1995 "construction in process v (co-existence)", mitspeh ramon, israel
  "in a meditative manner", bobby bordo, craig fisher, greg kwiatek,bobbie oliver. e.s. vandam, new york
1994 "new york abstract painting", salvatore ala gallery, new york
  "free falling", berlin shafir gallery, new york
1993 "jours tranquilles a clichy", tennisport arts, new york
  "first / last picture show", lisa marie marks, new york
  "jours tranquilles a clichy", paris
  "paintings", salvatore ala gallery, new york
  "surf supp", polly apfelbaum, noel dolla, craig fisher.horodner romley gallery, new york
  "transient decor / room 311", installation,organized by stuart horodner and saul ostrow. roger smith hotel, new york
1992 "multiple grounds", craig fisher, bill komoski, fabian marcaccio, carl ostendarp, carel balth, cora cohen. sytsema galeries, amsterdam.
1989 "abstractions", zand projects, new york
  "re-presenting the geometric, painting between the sacred and the profane", curated by saul ostrow, galerie rahmel, k�ln
  "twelfth anniversary exhibition and benefit auction", the new museum of contemporary art, new york
  "painting: between awareness and desire", curated by saul ostrow, cyrus gallery, new york
  "methods of abstraction", gallery urban, new york
1988 "among them, but not of them", cora cohen, craig fisher, alan saret, mary heilman. saxon-lee gallery, los angeles
  "sightings - drawing with color", instituto de estudios norte-americanos, barcelona, spain
  "selections from the back room", saxon-lee gallery, los angeles
  "eleventh anniversary exhibition and benefit auction" the new museum of contemporary art, new york
  "the four corners of abstract painting", curated by bill arning, jacob javits center, new york
  "forms of geometrism", curated by saul ostrow and philippe chomienne, mission west gallery
1987 "the four corners of abstract painting", curated by bill arning, white columns, new york
1986 "more than meets the eye", gallery carini, florenz
  "the non-objective world", curated by stephen westfall, kamikaze club, new york
1985 "abstract painting", jamie wolff gallery, new york
  "nine painters from new york", fabian carlsson gallery, london
  "just plane painting", curated by george adams, ps 122 gallery, new york
  "smart art: new work from new york", curated by joseph masheck, carpenter center for the visual arts, harvard university, cambridge, ma
  "new abstraction", tibor de nagy, new york
1984 "small works: new abstract painting", a joint exhibition by lafayette & muhlenberg colleges, pa
  "second nature", curated by john lee, proctor art center, bard college, new york
  "the fourth annual", john davis gallery, akron, oh
  "three abstract painters", 20 x 20 gallery, san francisco
  "hommage to arthur dove, eleven abstract painters", curated by jesse murry, houghton house gallery, hobart & william smith colleges, geneva, new york
  "painting invitational", 55 mercer, new york
1982 "exhibition of abstract painting", curated by craig fisher, art galaxy, new york
1981 "chambers street show", k&k toy & space co., new york
1980 "animated space: five young painters", curated by ann lauterbach, art latitudes, new york


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